I Get It

I totally know how you feel right now. You have huge goals and dreams - lots of things you want to achieve in life - however life happens and you need clarity with what the heck to do to build the business of your wildest dreams

I've been you, that's why I understand. A few years ago building my business felt hard as I struggled to keep up with everything while raising my kids alone. I wasn't focused because, quite frankly, I just didn't have a clue what to do.

I soon realised no strategy would work if I didn't work on myself first. Now, after doing all the inner work and creating a kickass strategy my business and life have uplevelled. In the first 4 days of 2021 I made more money than the entire year previously and in 6 months of 2021 I'd made more than the previous 3 years put together

I coach women just like you on finding your fire and your purpose, mastering your craft and making more money in your online business so you can live a life of your wildest dreams

Let's Do It

I only have a few spaces open at the moment so let's have a chat and see if we're the right fit for working together

What You Can Expect

If we both decide we are a good fit working together, we will work on the following

  • Helping you craft and connect with your mission

  • Understanding your purpose and connecting emotionally

  • Creating your vision and setting your north star goal

  • Become a master of your niche while overcoming self doubt

  • Identifying your ideal client and how you can serve them

  • Connecting with your story and how it positively impacts your clients

  • Creating your signature offer and charging your worth

  • Mastering your messaging and nurturing through sales funnels

  • Your kickass social media impact + influence

  • Your strategy for scaling to success and supporting your clients

You In?

Let's have a strategy session together where we can talk about where your business is now, where you want it to be and how I can help you move forward and reach your goals

Meet Your Coach

Kirsty Kayn

Sales Coach + Money Mindset Mentor

I am a badass business coach for women building a business in the online space. I coach incredible women on reaching their next level of impact and income in life and business so they can unlock their ultimate level of happiness, success + freedom. I'm an independent mum to two little girls, caffeine addict and love nothing more than laughing until my sides hurt surrounded by my favourite people. I've been a true entrepreneur since a young age - starting my beauty business at age 17. Over the years I grew this mobile beauty business to a brick and mortar award winning salon before taking a break to have my first daughter. Since then, I ventured into lifestyle blogging, wedding planning and social selling before venturing into the personal development and business arena. I have finally found my purpose and I'm absolutely thriving here. I am an international best selling author and award winning Entrepreneur of the Year 2019. I am also qualified in Positive Psychology, The Law Of Attraction and Astrology