I Get It

I totally know how you feel right now. You have huge goals and dreams - lots of things you want to achieve in life - however your life as an independent mum has made you feel all sorts of ways

I've been you, that's why I understand. When I was a newly independent mum, building my business felt hard as I struggled to keep up with everything while raising my kids alone. I wasn't focused because, quite frankly, I just didn't have a clue what to do.

I soon realised no strategy would work if I didn't work on myself first. Now, after doing all the inner work and creating a kickass strategy my business and life have uplevelled. In just 27 days of this year alone I made more money in my business than I made in my entire first year as an independent mum.

I am now coaching independent mums just like you on everything I did and more. Together we are going to create the most kickass strategy and badass offering to help you build your business online and create an impact on the world.

Let's Chat

I only have a few spaces open at the moment so let's have a chat and see if you're the right fit for this coaching programme