At Her Happy Life, my mission is to empower, inspire and uplift millennial women around the world to be who they want to be and to live their best lives full of happiness, freedom and success

Together, we are unstoppable when it comes to creating the life we want to live. I'm here to motivate, encourage and celebrate YOU. I am here to hold you accountable and support you on the path to your dreams.

Courses & Coaching

Here at Her Happy Life, my aim is to lead by example and show you how you can transform your life, just like I have transformed my life.

There are a few ways we can do this - 1:1 coaching with my brand new programme "From Surviving To Thriving" which is a 10 session programme where you work directly with me on uplevelling your life and living life as the best version of you. "Unapologetically YOU : Unfiltered" which is my small group mastermind aimed to help you reignite the flame inside you and shine brighter than ever before. There is also the academy. This is a monthly membership site where new content is released each month on a brand new subject of personal development. It's a self study programme so you have the entire month to work through the content at your pace. There is no contract so you pay monthly and can cancel at any time - although you won't want to because the content is LIFE CHANGING!
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Courses & Coaching

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Our facebook group is for each and every one of you who want to live your best life. Packed full of advice, training, live videos, motivation and so much more. Come join us!
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Meet Your Coach

  • Kirsty Kayn

    Life & Mindset Coach

    Kirsty Kayn

    I am a life & mindset coach for fierce and fabulous females across the globe, a single mum of 2 little girls, a lover of life and I always look for the positive in any given situation. ​ ​ I have created Her Happy Life Academy after completely overhauling and transforming my life after overcoming multiple life challenges. I am one of the most positive, driven and motivated people you will meet - life is too short to be anything other than happy. I want to light the way for you and give you the tools, techniques and teachings you can use to live life as the best version of you. It's time to live the dream, Come and join me, Kirsty x

My Promise To You

I want the best for you - watching you smash your life goals sets my soul on fire. I promise to...

  • Give you my full attention

  • Be your biggest cheerleader

  • Help you realise how AMAZING you are

  • Unlock your power and release it to the world

  • Assist you with your purpose and mission

  • Coach you in a no bullshit approach

  • Lead by example

  • Be vulnerable and share my story and experiences

  • Help you live your best life

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