Juggling all the balls, spinning all the plates, aiming to make it through the day in one piece while being the best mum you can be, keep everything running like clockwork, drink enough water, text everyone back AND hope your neighbour doesnt notice you forgot to bring your washing in AGAIN

I've been there. I've been you. The only difference is I've managed to create freedom in my life as a busy independent mum in a few simple steps...its made life MUCH easier and makes me feel so abundant every day. Let me introduce to you, T h e F r e e M o m F o r m u l a This is my FREE 5 day challenge designed to show you how to create freedom in your life as an independent mum.

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    Each morning you'll be sent the challenge for the day and a link to the accompanying video

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    Daily training videos with your practical task for the day

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    Community is everything when you're doing a challenge. You'll be able to interact with other like-minded women doing the same challenge

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  • Celebration Webinar

    At Her Happy Life, we celebrate EVERYTHING. I'll be sharing some top secrets in this webinar to round off our challenge

  • Prizes

    There will be over £750 worth of coaching programmes to be given away during the challenge

  • Exclusive Offer

    I also have something INCREDIBLE to offer every single one of you who join the challenge. I've NEVER done this before!