You've hit a financial brick wall, I get it

At the moment you're either struggling to bring the money in or your pushing it away because holding abundance feels uncomfortable. You're self worth is low and this is reflected in your money life yet you don't know how to change things You've noticed you're repeating money mistakes and experiences your parents made even though you tried hard to avoid it. Maybe you get the ick talking about money and associate it with negative feelings, shame, fear and worry. You're stuck AF and I get it girl!

It's time to make some changes

Our lives are built on story lines that weave their way in and out of every aspect of our lives. If you're feeling a certain way about money and either struggling to make it or struggling to keep it, I'm sorry to tell you honey but your money story is fu.ked. During this programme, we will work together as a collective to Unfu.k Your Money Story and program empowering beliefs so you can magnetise your financial abundance in life (and business). This is the deepest, most transformative programme I've ever created and I just know it's going to change your life just like it changed mine

Investment Options

As always, it's important to us to make sure our courses are available to everyone therefore a two-part payment plan option has been created

What Students Have Said

“Money is appearing that I didn't even know I had! My money board is working. There is a reason you do what you do - you absolutely BANG ON BADASS! I'll always vouch for you as the BEST COACH EVER!”

“WOW I have NEVER thought like this before. It's like a light has gone on - now I get to work on turning these thought patterns around”

“I was unbelievably PUMPED after tonights Unfu.k Your Money Story session!! Normally in bed by 8pm watching Netflix or aimlessly scrolling social media. NOT TONIGHT!! Why? Because the higher version of myself wouldn't do that!”

“I wanted to share my experience of the money releasing ceremony from the other week. I felt this to my core. My favourite part was definitely lighting my letters and letting the words disappear. It was a little windy so the flames didn't last but it continued to burn and fly away, piece by piece”

Course curriculum

    1. A Message From Kirsty

    2. So What's This All About?

    1. Replay Week 1

    2. Workbook 1

    1. Week 2 Replay

    2. Workbook 2

    3. Money Releasing Ceremony

    1. Week 3 Replay

    2. Workbook 3

    1. Week 4 Replay

    2. Workbook 4

    1. Week 5 Replay

    2. Workbook 5

About this course

  • £222.00
  • 20 lessons
  • 7.5 hours of video content

Meet Your Coach

Kirsty Kayn

Badass Business Coach + Money Mindset Mentor

I am a badass business coach for women building a business in the online space. I coach incredible women on reaching their next level of impact and income in life and business so they can unlock their ultimate level of happiness, success + freedom. I'm an independent mum to two little girls, caffeine addict and love nothing more than laughing until my sides hurt surrounded by my favourite people. I've been a true entrepreneur since a young age - starting my beauty business at age 17. Over the years I grew this mobile beauty business to a brick and mortar award winning salon before taking a break to have my first daughter. Since then, I ventured into lifestyle blogging, wedding planning and social selling before venturing into the personal development and business arena. I have finally found my purpose and I'm absolutely thriving here. I am an international best selling author and award winning Entrepreneur of the Year 2019. I am also qualified in Positive Psychology, The Law Of Attraction and Astrology

Are You Ready To Unfu.k Your Money Story

It's time to change your life once and for all