Have you ever felt like you don't know who you really are?

I've been there too. Let me take you back...

After leaving my marriage of 8 years and being on my own with my girls for a few months, I started to feel lost. I had excitement for what was ahead but I felt like I was in limbo - I didn't know how to get there, why I wanted to be there or even who I really was deep down. This was a huge struggle because I often questioned how I could truly be happy if I didn't have the answers.  This sent me on a journey of finding out exactly who Kirsty was - I wasn't just a mum or an ex-wife - I was me and it was time for that person to shine.

So How Do We Actually Do That?

  • Firstly we will delve deep into your past and future life

    We will spend time looking at your previous memories and experiences as well as your goals and dreams for the future to discover exactly who you are and who you want to be

  • Next, we will look at your current life

    Together, we will deeply analyse your life to discover what has made you who you are today, what is serving you and what isn't and how you can make changes to move forward with clarity and confidence

  • Then we will refine your identity

    We will work on new habits to help you step into the higher you, remove limiting beliefs and detach from things holding you back and incorporate everything you need in your life to step into greatness and be happy

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It's time to claim who you really are honey. No more waiting for things to get better - let's take your power back now and SOAR

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So you want to know what's involved?

  • Weekly 1:1 calls starting with a 90 minute deep dive session

  • 11x weekly 1:1 calls thereafter

  • Custom daily mindset practice

  • Custom morning routine

  • Homework tasks set after each session

  • Unlimited voicenote support

  • Accountability

  • On completion - exclusive FREE lifetime access to signature course Brand New Kinda You (worth £398)

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YOU can do it

YOU can live the best version of your life. YOU can be the best YOU, EVER. I'm here to guide you - it's ALL inside you already, you just need to align your mind, body and soul

What You Can Expect

  • Deep dive on who you really are

  • Figuring out your limiting beliefs + what's keeping you stuck

  • Exploring the person you want to be + aligning with her

  • Discovering your goal reality and setting some EPIC goals

  • Taking action and SMASHING your goals

  • Transforming your life and living life as the best version of you


  • Kirsty Kayn

    Badass Business + Empowerment Coach

    Kirsty Kayn

    I am a badass business coach for mums who want to get all they came for and build the business of their dreams online, mum to two gorgeous little girls and have a passion for living life to the fullest every single day. ​ I have created Her Happy Life as my passion is to help mums succeed in the online space as well as living the lifestyle they want to live and reach their highest levels of happiness. I am one of the most positive, driven and motivated people you will meet - life is too short to be anything other than happy. I want to light the way for you and give you the tools, techniques, teachings and guidance you can use to build your dream business, make more money, have more freedom and live a limitless lifestyle. It's time to live the dream