Are You Ready To Leap?

If I know you well enough (and I'm pretty sure I do considering you're here) I'd say you're the kinda gal that KNOWS she is destined for more and is just a lil scared about making that leap into the next level in life. Right? Thought so.

Girl you don't have to be scared. During this intensive self study programme I'll guide you through quantum leaping from your current reality into the life of your higher self.  Quantum leaping is often made a bit woo-woo but with my strategic four-part programme, your leap is broken down into stages allowing you to build the strongest springboard for your transportation into your goal reality. When you learn how to let go of everything weighing you down, you will learn how to match your energy to your desires and attract them into your life. Magnetic baby, MF Magnetic! Everything your heart desires is just a leap away so take my hand and lets jump.

Ready to light up that Rich Bitch Energy?

Here's what we'll do

  • Part 1 - Discover

    Dive deep into your current reality - what does your life look like right now? We will be discussing limiting beliefs, fears, life lessons, gratitude and the story you keep telling yourself

  • Part 2 - Uncover

    Venture into your goal reality - what does your ideal life look like? We will be discussing your goals, dreams and life mission and everything connected to your higher self

  • Part 3 - Evolve

    This is the transformation part where we will write your power statement and I will share my signature letting go and forgiveness ritual. We will be covering a lot of content on bullshit belief patterns, surrendering, resistance, ego and affirmations to support your leap

  • Part 4 - Embody

    Now is your time to step into greatness with some "perfect day" journaling and get to know the higher version of you. We will talk about your new found Rich Bitch Energy and how to use that to create a life by design

Are you ready to elevate your world?

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