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As a business coach for women, I LOVE delivering masterclasses and creating connection in intimate, interactive ways. Masterclasses are powerful but do you know what is even more powerful? Having unlimited access to an entire series of masterclasses. I have [at least] 12 masterclasses to deliver for you on everything from CEO energy and creating your Filthy Rich vision board to Skyrocketing Your Sales Through Stories, Manifesting Magic and more. These masterclasses are packed full of strategy, mindset and energetics. We colour outside the lines and aren't afraid to shatter glass ceilings. We break the rules and are ready to blaze our own trail on the way to a life of our wildest desires

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I believe in making The Masterclass Pass available to as many women in business as possible so I have created a three part payment option for those who desire it

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  • £111.00
  • 15 lessons
  • 9 hours of video content

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Kirsty Kayn

Badass Business Coach + Money Mindset Mentor

I am a badass business coach for women building a business in the online space. I coach incredible women on reaching their next level of impact and income in life and business so they can unlock their ultimate level of happiness, success + freedom. I'm an independent mum to two little girls, caffeine addict and love nothing more than laughing until my sides hurt surrounded by my favourite people. I've been a true entrepreneur since a young age - starting my beauty business at age 17. Over the years I grew this mobile beauty business to a brick and mortar award winning salon before taking a break to have my first daughter. Since then, I ventured into lifestyle blogging, wedding planning and social selling before venturing into the personal development and business arena. I have finally found my purpose and I'm absolutely thriving here. I am an international best selling author and award winning Entrepreneur of the Year 2019. I am also qualified in Positive Psychology, The Law Of Attraction and Astrology