It's fucking life changing!

And yes...I swear when I'm passionate about something

  • Videos

    You will receive a welcome video and four additional videos on a new theme each month. These videos can include top tips, activities, advice and more

  • Workbooks

    You will receive two workbooks and a worksheet on theme each month. These include an activity workbook, action worksheet and checklist/reflection workbook

  • Downloads

    You will receive a themed affirmation wallpaper for your laptop/phone

  • Live Online Group Training

    Each month there will be a live question and answer session in our online community space where you can have your questions answered by me

  • Her Happy Life Community

    As well as all of this amazing content, you will also be invited to Her Happy Life Community Space on Facebook - a bustling group of Millennial women looking to live their best lives

Course curriculum

Transformation is priceless, however

I want everyone and their dog to have access to this, so I've kept it super affordable


  • How does the academy work?

    Every month, new content on a brand new subject is unlocked online for you to work through at your own pace and in your own time.

  • Is it the right programme for me?

    If you REALLY want to live your best life, this IS for you. Just a warning though, this is a no bullshit approach - you will need to approach this academy with an open mind and commit to working on yourself, with my coaching, to transform your life.

  • What can I expect to learn?

    Each month is a new theme so we will cover a wide range of tools, techniques and teachings on a particular subject each month. You will also learn how to live your life on purpose, how to be happier, to know what you're aiming for and how to get there, to dig deep and understand your life, to celebrate your wins, to create balance, to master your money mindset, to uplevel yourself and how to live life as the best version of you

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