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It's changed my life, it's changed the lives of other mums...are you ready to change yours too?

  • Videos

    Each month you will have access to new video content around the four pillars of the academy - business, mindset and manifestation. These videos can include teachings, top tips, activities, advice and more

  • Workbooks

    You will receive an on-theme workbook each month. This includes prompts and tasks to help you in your learning

  • Exclusive Members Lounge

    You will have access to our exclusive lounge for additional trainings from me as well as meeting other members who are also mums in business on a similar journey to you

  • Live Online Group Training

    Each week there will be a live session in our exclusive members lounge where you have direct access to me to ask questions and learn even more

  • Guest Experts

    In our exclusive members lounge, there will be guest expert training each month sharing even more life changing tools and techniques

Instagram Genius

ladies, I hope you're ready! This launch module is GOLD

In this module you will learn find + connect with your ideal client, gain sales no matter what your audience size is, create an "on brand" feed that attracts clients, write content that sells, gain confidence in using instagram for business and know how to craft the perfect strategy for your business.
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Instagram Genius

Course curriculum

Doors currently closed - will re-open on May 29th


  • How does the academy work?

    Every month, new content on a brand new subject is unlocked online for you to work through at your own pace and in your own time.

  • Is it the right programme for me?

    Do you really want to build your dream business online, thrive in the social space, make money to support the lifestyle you want to live and reach your highest levels of happiness at the same time? It's a no brainer, right?

  • What can I expect to learn?

    There are three pillars to the academy and you will have access to them all - Business, Mindset and Manifestation. Each new module is designed to completely transform your business + get you from where you are now to living to your fullest potential.

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You deserve to build the business of your dreams, live your happiest life and reach your fullest potential. If not now, when?

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