You're craving more, I see you. More clients. More sales. More impact. More money.

It's time to go inwards and shine that light on our mindset

Running an entire empire takes a different kind of energy than someone who just makes a little bit of money online and I know you crave the big impact, high income and a life even better than your vision board. Not everyone is cut out for an empire, but if you're reading this then we both know that fire is inside of you. Inside Empire State of Mind, you will learn how to embody the mindset and energy of an empire running Goddess because we know when we master our SELF, we master our SUCCESS. This is next level alignment baby!

Changing your internal environment will change your external environment

As within, so without - it's universal law baby!

I invite you to look at Empire State of mind as the most fierce, transformational, magical, energetic mindset mastermind available to female coaches and online service providers. If you desire to wake up feeling absolutely unstoppable every single day and knowing you have incredible, life-changing gifts to share with the world {and how to share them in the best way}, this mastermind is for you. It's intimate, it's deep AF and it's an absolute game-changer


Want enrolled in a secret offer of mine? One that's had its doors closed since last year?

  • Unstoppable Business Academy


    Each mastermind member receives exclusive access to the Unstoppable Business Academy - the HUGE library of training resources teaching you everything you need to know about building, launching and cashing in with your online business. UBA is no longer available for enrollment so this is extra special

There's No Way I'm Missing This

Bonus Material

These fast acting bonuses are ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL Wednesday 14th September at midnight


    Worth £222

    Rich B!tch Energy - lifetime access to my signature energetics self study course teaching you how to let go of everything weighing you down, matching your energy to your desires and attract them into your life. Magnetic baby, MF Magnetic!


    Worth £147

    An intimate and intensive 1:1 session with me where you will have my eyes and ears on your business, your energy and your mindset. Let's get it!


    Worth £55

    Step Into The Vibe of Receiving Masterclass - lifetime access! This masterclass guides you in opening up your energetic field ready to welcome in everything you deeply desire

Pricing options

It's my desire to make this as accessible as possible whilst attracting women who are committed and ready to go all in and take action therefore a 3 part payment plan is available too

  • Pay In Full (and receive a FREE 1:1 with Kirsty worth £147)

    Let's Go!
  • 3 x £148.00

    3 part payment plan

    Let's Go!

Course curriculum

    1. Start Here

    1. Find Your Fire

    1. Filthy Rich M.V.P

    1. CEO Self Discovery

    1. Feminine Flow + Embodiment

    1. Quantum Leaping

About this course

  • £444.00
  • 7 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content


Kirsty Kayn

Badass Business Coach + Money Mindset Mentor

I am a badass business coach for women building a business in the online space. I coach incredible women on reaching their next level of impact and income in life and business so they can unlock their ultimate level of happiness, success + freedom. I'm an independent mum to two little girls, caffeine addict and love nothing more than laughing until my sides hurt surrounded by my favourite people. I've been a true entrepreneur since a young age - starting my beauty business at age 17. Over the years I grew this mobile beauty business to a brick and mortar award winning salon before taking a break to have my first daughter. Since then, I ventured into lifestyle blogging, wedding planning and social selling before venturing into the personal development and business arena. I have finally found my purpose and I'm absolutely thriving here. I am an international best selling author and award winning Entrepreneur of the Year 2019. I am also qualified in Positive Psychology, The Law Of Attraction and Astrology