Play Your Way To £5k

So you've been doing alright, but you know you have so much more to give. It's time to re-write the story that lies beneath the success you see on the outside. Your money mindset has been holding you back and keeping you from playing big. Inside this mastermind, you will take a deep dive into your money mindset and sales energetics while re-writing your money story and applying an elevated strategy to your sales process. Buckle up, it's time to play bigger than ever before

Inside Call In The Cash

Ever looked at someone online making consistent £5k months and thought they must have an amazing strategy in place? Sales success is so much more than an external strategy. It's all about the mindset and energetics at play and building a strategy based on an elevated money story - that's what I teach you inside the mastermind

    1. A Message From Kirsty

    2. Dates For Your Diary

    3. Selling In Relation To Your Love Language

    4. Pleasure Unlocked - Journaling with Intention

    5. Connect With Your Higher Self Journal

    6. Embodiment + Feminine Energy - COMING SOON

    1. The Power Of Your Money Story

    2. Your Relationship With Money

    3. Release Your Money Struggle Money Circle

    1. Magnetism + Manifesting Money

    2. New Pricing and Deservingness

    1. Integrating & Embodying Your Elevated Money Story

    2. Desire Based Marketing + Empowering TF Out of Your Clients

This Is Your Secret Sauce

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Limiting pricing for those of you who are ready to say yes NOW and want to dive into the free bonuses inside the pre-work and start implementing the mindset shifts even BEFORE the first call

What Our Students Have Said

“Oh my goodness can you keep doing these calls, every time you do I make money without even trying. Just literally had someone buy from me without me even speaking to her”


“Loved it, really shined a light into the things holding me back and helped me focus on the person I want to be and how far I've come prior to starting this six week mastermind. Thank you, it has been what I've needed to move forward into BEING and not just surviving”


“Two people have already paid in full at my higher price and it's given me much more money self belief”