It's BACK! My 4 Part INTENSIVE Self Study Programme

  • Part 1 - UNCOVER

    Dive deep into your current reality - what does your life look like right now? We will be discussing limiting beliefs, fears, life lessons, gratitude and the story you keep telling yourself

  • Part 2 - DISCOVER

    Venture into your ideal reality - what does your ideal life look like? We will be discussing your goals, dreams and life mission, your why and the need for an emotional connection as well as your life purpose

  • Part 3 - EVOLVE

    This is the transformation part where we will write your power statement and I will share my signature letting go and forgiveness ritual. We will be covering a lot of content on bullshit belief patterns, surrendering, resistance, ego and affirmations.

  • Part 4 - EMBODY

    Now is your time to step into greatness with some "perfect day" journaling, I AM statements and discussion on new habit creation, moving forward and success.

It's Time To Take Action

The Brand New Kinda You is waiting on you. Your transformation is just around the corner

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • A Message From Kirsty

    • Her Happy Life Queendom Collective

  • 2


    • Uncover (part 1)

    • Uncover (part 2)

    • Uncover (part 3)

    • Uncover Workbook

    • Uncover Meditation

  • 3


    • Discover (Part 1)

    • Discover (Part 2)

    • Discover (Part 3)

    • Discover Workbook

    • Discover Meditation

  • 4


    • Evolve (Part 1)

    • Evolve (Part 2)

    • Evolve (Part 3)

    • Evolve Workbook

  • 5


    • Embody (Part 1)

    • Embody (Part 2)

    • Embody (Part 3)

    • Embody Workbook

    • Success Meditation

Bonus Material

As well as your programme content, you will also receive the following

  • Meditations

    You will have access to three exclusive meditations to help keep you relaxed and focused

  • Lifetime Access

    Also, you will have lifetime access to this entire programme so you can re-visit it whenever you want to

Don't Miss Out

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