Build, Launch, Cash In is HERE!

Inside you will be guided through "The Unstoppable Success Blueprint™" and will have on-demand access to everything you need to Build your business in the online space, Launch your business to your ideal audience and Cash In on your amazing courses, programmes and expertise

  • Build

    Not sure where to start? Maybe you've started and you're struggling to get sales or what to do next? Or maybe you're up and running but want to grow, scale and achieve everything you came for and more? We have all the tools and teachings you need in the business pillar of the academy

  • Launch

    Launching your courses and programmes takes a certain skill set and mindset. In the launch pillar you will learn the latest launch strategies, how to build funnels and how to master your content game to attract your ideal client

  • Cash In

    If you're not selling, you just have a time consuming hobby. It's time to cash in on your expertise and live in your purpose each day. Here you will learn the "4 C's of Sales", how to cash in on content, how to sell on social and how to master your sales success mindset

This is for you if...

  • You have a business in the online space

  • You are currently making less than £3k per month in your business

  • You have goals and dreams you just can't wait to achieve

  • You're passionate, driven and ready to learn from someone who has been exactly where you are

  • You're positive, not flaky or an excuse maker

  • Oh and you're a badass woman who's ready to create the life and business of her d r e a m s

Course curriculum

    1. Start Here

    2. Hello from Kirsty

    1. Attract Your Tribe Workshop

    2. Master Your Clients and Content Workbook

    3. Super Solid Morning Routine Masterclass

    4. Facebook Genius Masterclass

    5. Instagram Genius Masterclass

    6. How To Build A Self Study Course

    7. How To Build A LIVE Course

    8. Ignite Your Success Mindset

    9. IG Reels 101

    1. All Things Funnels

    2. Create Your Freebie For Lead Generation

    3. Content Mastery - 30 Ideas For Posts

    4. The Power Of Mailing Lists

    5. How To Launch With A Live

    6. How To Launch With A Workshop

    7. How To Launch With A Challenge

    8. How To Launch With Posts

    9. Overcoming Fear + Self Doubt

    1. The 4 C's Of Sales

    2. Selling In The DMs

    3. Converting Conversations - Asking For The Sale

    4. Overcome Fear of Judgement + Being Seen

    5. Creating Content That Converts

    6. Imposter Syndrome

About this course

  • £197.00
  • 26 lessons
  • 14.5 hours of video content

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